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Result for the training at Bhavanisagar - 58, Batch has been published.

Course Completion Certificate for BHAVANISAGAR- 59 Batch has been published.

Modular Kitchen along with Dining Halls

A fully equipped modular Kitchen with advanced machineries is being run by the trainees themselves on sharing basis. The additional workers in the mess are employed and paid by the trainees themselves. Only vegetarian food is being served to the trainees. A sum of Rs. 6000.00 per trainee per batch is being collected towards mess charges.

All activities of the Mess are controlled by the trainees themselves. For this, a Mess Committee consisting of mess leaders in every class is being constituted in every Batch and the Committee conducts the mess. Procurement of vegetables is being carried out by the Mess Committee (in the name of Procurement Committee) whereas purchase of provisions is being arranged with Chinthamani Co-operative Super Market, Erode and Sathyamangalam (a Government undertaking).

Totally 6 dining halls provided with the good quality furniture are available to take the food as follows.

Dining Halls

 S.No Name of the
Dining Hall
1 Thiru.Vi.Ka 120
2 Annai Teresa 90
3 Tamilnadu Arangam 150
4 Amutha Surabhi 136
5 Amutham 105
6 Bharathiyar 60

The following menu has been followed during the training days. The menu can be altered based on the opinion of mess leaders with the approval of Principal of CSTI

Food Menu for the Trainees during Foundational Training
Date Morning
7.30 AM
8.00 to 8.30 AM
11.00 AM
1.00 P.M
4.00 P.M
5.00 P.M
Monday Coffee Idli,
Pudhina Chatni,
Vendai sambar
Tea Rice, Sambar made with Radish, Drumstick & Brinjal,
Cabbage Poriyal,
Rasam, Butter Milk, Pickle
Coffee Karuppu Kondai Kadalai
Vegetable Kurma
Bed Milk
Tuesday Coffee Idiyappam,
Wheat Sooji Upma,
Tea Rice,
Bitterguard Pulikulambu,
Carrot Poriyal, Rasam,
Butter Milk, Pickle, Appalam
Tea Boiled
Red Poosani Sambar,
Bed Milk
Wednesday Coffee Idli,
Pudhina Chatni, Sambar made with Carrot & Beans
Tea Rice,
Brinjal & Noolkol Sambar,
Keerai Kootu,Rasam,
Butter Milk, Pickle,
Coffee Green Gram Sundal Idli Chatni,
Tomato Kurma,
Bed Milk
Thursday Coffee Pongal,Vada,
Chatni, Sambar made with
Tea Rice, Moorkulambu
Rasam, Butter Milk, Pickle,
Tea Boiled
Dosa,Chow Chow Sambar,
Onion Chatni,
Bed Milk
Friday Coffee Idli,
Tomato Kurma
Tea Rice, Sambar made with Carrot & Drumstick, Brinjal / Vendai/ Potato Poriyal,
Rasam, Butter Milk, Pickle,
Pasi Paruppu Payasam (or)
Rice Payasam
Sukku Coffee Kabuli Channa Sundal Idiyappam,
Coconut Chatni, Sugar,
Bed Milk
Saturday Coffee Pongal,Vada,
Radish Sambar,
Tea Rice,Brinjal & Karuppu KondaiKadalai pulikulumbu,
Beetroot Poriyal, Rasam,
Butter Milk, Pickle
Coffee - Chappathi,
Vegetable Kurma or Dhal
Bed Milk
Sunday Coffee Idli,Chatni,
Red Poosani Sambar,
- Vegetable Briyani,
Curd Rice,
Curd Pachadi Pickle
Tea - Rice, Paruppu Thuvaiyal,
Paruppu Rasam, Appalam,
Bed Milk