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Result for the training at Bhavanisagar - 57, Batch has been published.

Course Completion Certificate for BHAVANISAGAR- 59 Batch has been published.

Quiz Programmes

Instead of traditional ways of teaching, new methods of teaching, learning and evaluation may inspire the trainees desire for learning and once the students mind is set on fire, it will find its way to provide its own fuel. Thus, the ultimate goal of self-teaching and learning could be achieved. With this view in mind, we thought of conducting quiz competitions in their curricular subjects in every batch in 2 phases.

Quiz games promote active learning and provide motivational impetus. They also enhance meaningful knowledge retention by igniting interest and placing theoretical subjects in a real perspective. Thus, game styled quiz competitions based on can be an effective tool to increase interest and motivation and enhance learning is established beyond doubt.

The main objective of the Quiz Programs in CSTI are as follows.

  • To encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts in their offices.
  • To read the topic in depth and to increase desire for learning more and more about the subject.
  • To foster interaction between trainees and faculty.
  • To identify gaps in knowledge and essentially, it reduces forgetting which makes the next related study area more productive.
  • By giving scores or self-assessments, they can better predict their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know.
  • It provides feedback to faculties and lets them know what is learned or what is not.
  • It promotes a healthy debate amongst trainees in order to learn from each other.
  • Aiding in the team building process and Promoting group harmony.
  • Aiding to relieve the tension of the daily work routine and being fun to participate in but with a competitive element.